Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Amazingly, I actually had time to finish a game. Of course, I had to stay up until 6:00 in the morning to do it, but what the hell…that’s what’s so nice about being a contractor and working from home. Flexibility is cool.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance is the third in the Soul Reaver series, an offspring of the Blood Omen series. The game continues the (very) convoluted plotline, but differs from the previous offerings in that you play as both Kain and Raziel at various times. The dual gameplay is a very nice addition, and breaks up the monotony of the traditional platforming gameplay very well.

Both characters have very similar play styles, with the main difference being that Kain has much better control of his telekinetic abilities. With the addition of being able to grab people by the throat and drain their blood, Kain is by far the best character to play as.

Amazingly, the writers were able to tie up the zillion loose ends left by Soul Reaver 2. The story line, which I was sure had gone down the toilet with this morning’s Shredded Wheat, actually makes sense, and loops back very into the rest of the game. Kudos to the writers. And as usual, the voice acting is top-notch.

Overall, this is the best of the series so far; and if you’ve played the first two, you’re obligated to play this one as well. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy it.

Now on to Resident Evil 0 with Hedda.