GenCon Day #-1

Nothing too crazy today. I spent most of the day working, and Mike and Dawn took Jeff to the Indiana State Fair for the day. He apparantly had a great time.

After they got home, Jeff introduced us to the upcoming Killer Bunnies sequal: Killer Bunnies & The Journey to Jupiter. I won’t mention any of the details, but Jeff’s description of it as another layer on the original Killer Bunnies idea is a good assessment, and I really like the new game mechanics. Of course it still needs some polish, but I look forward to playing it with Hedda and Weeks.

Teddy & Ryan arrived last night, and they brought the booze and the babes. Okay, so maybe there were no babes, but they definitely brought the booze.

We played another game of poker, which I won. I’m starting to think I have a knack for this game, as my win-loss ratio now sits at 5/7. Dawn, Mike, and Jeff all went to bed relatively early because they were tired from their long day. This left Ryan, Teddy, and I to play some Magic.

The three of us haven’t played Magic in so long that we actually had to look up how many cards to draw. How embarassing!