GenCon Day #3

Ah – Saturday. The con was really crowded today as all the weekend attendees flocked in. Ryan and I played the worst Star Wars game EVAR!! The module was called “Sparks,” and it seemed okay; but the DM was simply awful. We are given a lame rebel cargo ship in which to smuggle some supplies onto a planet, and when we drop out of hyperspace there are two Lancer frigates and four squads of TIE fighters pretty much waiting for us. Our little ship is no match for that, but he doesn’t give us any clue as to what to do to make it out of the situation successfully, let alone in one piece! So after my character fails to con them into thinking we’re spies, we magically survive the trip through the cloud of fighters and are not persued once we reach the atmosphere. Then we were told to go invade a garrison, but when we got there there was once again no clues dropped as to how to proceed. We eventually got captured, and then escaped from our cell. We continued on our mission, but for some reason the base commanders had set a trap for us. Yup, that’s right. They set a trap for the prisoners they had already captured. The only fun part of the game was when I was setting an explosive and accidentally detonated it. It blew up really big, but I made a huge role on my damage soak. My 5’ 3” 260 lbs. gambler with greasy hair went flying through the air like something in a Bruce Willis movie.

Later that night, we watched The Gamers. The Gamers is a fan movie that won the Gen Con Fan Film Fest last year, and it features a bunch of college dorks playing D&D during finals week. Again, if you’ve ever had the privilege of being involved in a game, you will laugh until you fall over.