Free Your Books

Here’s your Cool Idea of the Day. It’s kinda like Where’s George for books. Except it’s not quite as utterly pointless. And the intention is to give away books to other people. Go check out the site. If you get confused, read the “3 Rs” part, as that makes it pretty explanatory.

Here’s my only complaint: Check out this particular free book, left at the Barnes & Noble near my apartment building by our friend Gabriel Garcia Marquez. She released the book “on a bench next to the Market Common directory map.” Here is the problem. Leaving a book on a bench in a public place means that it most likely isn’t going to be there if somebody goes looking for it! Sure, it might be picked up by somebody and read, but it’s more likely to be picked up by a passing janitor. Or some homeless guy will use it for toilet paper. Or the FBI will evacuate the block and shut down the county thinking it’s a bomb. Or it will get rained on. I mean, who knows what could happen to it! So if you choose to partake of this activity, don’t leave them just lying in the open. Put them someplace semi-safe.