Free Phone Downgrade!

So today I got my free downgrade from my wireless provider. I’d been getting letters in the mail for the last two weeks telling me how lucky I was to be an AT&T customer, and what a valued one I am, at that! The thing is, I don’t want this new phone. It’s a downgrade for me. It doesn’t have Bluetooth, which I use every day. That’s a problem. So of course I am not going to send back my old phone. But what to do with this new phone?

I didn’t ask them to send it. I never once agreed to exchange phones. I didn’t say yes in any way, shape, or form. So what do I do with this new phone? Send it back to them? Sell it on eBay? Keep it as a spare in case my current phone dies? This feels like one of those lawn care scams to me. You know the ones: The ChemLawn company comes out and sprays your lawn without permission, and then they leave a bill on your front door. You never asked for the service, though, so you are not legally obligated to pay any bill. They are hoping you will just pay the bill anyway. So they sent me a new phone without my permission, and then they want payment in the form of my old (better) phone? I don’t think so. It sounds to me like I have a spare phone.