Found an Apartment

Hedda and I found an apartment yesterday. It’s a different style place than we’ve been used to, though. We’ve lived in a building built around the turn of the century for the past year, and I lived there for a year and a half before that. Our new apartment is in a high-rise community with lots of amenities. The building is new, and we have a dishwasher!

We are living in Arlington, Virginia, and right off the Metro. So I’ll have easy access to the Library for my job. Now comes the wait and worry for the approval process. There’s no fear of not being approved, but it’s still nervousing.

Update: Hedda and I took Chris, Katie, and Weeks over to visit our (hopefully soon to be) new apartment. Good thing we did, as Hedda noticed a roach on the floor. It was rather surprising, as the building is pretty new. Ugh! We’ll definitely have them fumigate the place, but is that a real solution? Or should we just find a new apartment? Any advice from anybody out there in radioland?