Finally, A Useful Color-Coded Warning System

So it’s September 11th. Five years and all that. It was a pretty terrible day, and certainly those responsible should be brought to justice. (By the way, nice job on that, Mr. Bush. Our little jaunt through Iraq has really paid off. We got Saddam, all right, who had nothing to do with it!)

Our ridiculous overreaction to the “terrorist threat” is getting a little old, though. There are much, much worse threats out there than a few angry religious nuts with box cutters. With that in mind, Wired has put together a new - and if I may say so infinitely more useful - color-coded threat warning system.

Why do we never hear anything in the media about these death bringers? Where is the national response? Where is my War on Hernias?

Or could it be that this whole national hysteria is the result of deliberate manipulation for political gain? I guess “War on Accidental Poisoning” just doesn’t cut the mustard, despite the fact it has the potential to save almost 50x more lives.