Farewell Avanade

Well, this is it. My last day.

What an amazing ride the last year has been. I can’t even begin to thank everybody who has made an impact on my life the last year, but I need to say a few things to the people who have played a prominent role in my time here.

So here we go on the goodbyes…

Steve Maine: I know you’re already gone and in Seattle, but thanks for being the Yin to my Yang. Once you’ve finally made it to the Big House, don’t forget us poor peons who you used as a stepping stone to get there….especially when it comes time to make purchases from the store.

Adam Wengert: My first impression of you was right. But that’s a good thing. Thanks for helping me stretch and learn. Your example has tought me far more than your brownbags.

Chris Miller: Keep it up, because it’s just a matter of time. Thanks for being the first guy I could call “friend” here.

Kevin Kelly: Thanks for being my first team lead and having so much faith in me to do the Right Thing. Viva la GameCube!

BTJ: Dammit, why didn’t we meet sooner? I blame Adam. Not only do you have the coolest first name EVAR, you’re also freakin’ hilarious! Not to mention your life views and technology views are always interesting to discuss. Sorry I had to dump everything onto you.

Kyle Burkholder: Your enthusiasm and vigor for this company are amazing. Thanks for lending your knowledge and experience to me. You have fundamentally changed how I see myself in this career.

Kyle Huntley: Thanks for showing me where I’d like to be in ten years. :-)

I hope we can all keep in touch, and I hope we can work together again someday. Thanks again!