Evil American Express Telemarketing

For the past week or so, I’ve been getting a single phone call every day from a mysterious number: +1 888.389.6736. The first several times the call came through, I was busy and it simply went to voicemail. However, a message was never left. Finally, I had the chance to pick up the phone call. After getting about three seconds of dead air, the caller hung up. This is a prime indicator of a telemarketing call, and calling me is illegal since I have a mobile phone. Even though they never actually spoke to me, that three seconds of dead air costs me a minute of time!

Today, I finally got sick of receiving these calls and called them back. It turns out the number leads to an automated system for the American Express Small Business Network. After pressing a couple of buttons to try to get to an operator, I finally realize that I’ve been had. Their intent all along was for me to call them back! Is this their way of skirting telemarketing rules prohibiting them from dialing mobile phones? Their system provided me a way to opt-out of the calls, but I’m worried that they may simply take my number and use it for more nefarious purposes. Those bastards.

In my anger, I have an urge to file papers against them for telemarketing to a mobile phone. I’m settling for filling out an FCC Complaint Form.