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  • Evening Out With Matt and Clarissa

    Posted on December 22nd, 2005 Brian No comments

    Heather and I met our friends Matt and Clarissa at Stetsons for happy hour. We ate a lot of wings and a lot of fries; and while the others consumed several beers, I downed no fewer than five G&Ts.

    We were feeling pretty good.

    So then we wandered over to Love Cafe for some cupcakes and coffee. Unfortunately for our insulin, it was Chocolate Happy Hour, which prompted me to enjoy an extremely large slice of chocolate buttercream paired with a double espresso. The girls enjoyed their cupcakes immensely, as well.

    We were feeling pretty good.

    And that’s where the photo came from, courtesy of Matt’s flickr stream. He also had the presence of mind to send us this other amusing image.

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