Email and Old Friends

It started off with an email from an old friend and co-worker Michael Klynstra, to whom I had not spoken since shortly after Geneer went under. He was one of the people posing for the shot featured in the Geneer Wall Gantt Timewarp.

(On a side note, the domain seems to have finally given up the ghost. It’s kind of sad to finally see it go.)

Then I got an email from Snuble asking me to email my contact information to another old friend for our upcoming ten-year high school reunion. In addition to provoking sudden pangs of senescence, it requested I forward the message to anybody in the class who might not have received it. Scrolling through my address book, I found only four people for whom I could conceivably be the only person in my current group of friends with their email address. So I shot of a message.

One of them - to an old, old friend from elementary school - immediately bounced, but I think I was able to track him down via Google. I have yet to get a response to the message I sent to the address I found. An old girlfriend responded right away, and just moments ago I got a response from another! So there’s just one more remaining.

So I have a list of like six other things I need to write about here, as well as responding to Michael’s rather lengthy message. But I’ll get there.

And holy crap I’m old.