DC Baseball Stadium at Risk (Which is a Good Thing)

I am absolutely thrilled to see the citizens of a city as trod upon as Washington, DC stand up against a bad deal. I don’t really care if The District gets a baseball team or not, although I would prefer the Senators instead of the Nationals. However, demanding half of the funding for a stadium be from private investors is more than fair. As far as I’m concerned, the public shouldn’t pay for any of the stadium. Since I’m sure other people (read “filthy rich baseball owners”) disagree, it seems like a good compromise to me.

As Councilman David Catania said, “We are subsidizing multimillionaires to pay salaries to other multimillionaires.”

Now, let’s just hope no slimey political trickery interferes with the will of the people. In the last election, three pro-stadium incumbant councilmembers were defeated by anti-stadium candidates. However, they will not hold office until Janurary, and the New York Times reports that the mayor will be trying to push his plan through before then. Hopefully, the lame ducks will maintain their integrity for the remainder of their term.