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  • DC Alerts Is Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse

    Posted on June 6th, 2009 Brian No comments

    Zombie Emergency KitI was pretty harsh on DC Alerts in my last post.  And I stand by that.  But say what I might about DC Alerts, I do have to give them props for one thing: They are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    If you’ve ever gotten an alert where a person might have been injured, the phrase “conscious and breathing” is often used to describe their state. It’s a curious turn of phrase, and makes one imagine the other possible permutations.  A nice table will be helpful here.

    Conscious Unconscious
    Breathing OK Just Unconscious
    Not Breathing Zombie Dead

    As you can see, DC Alerts really has their bases covered!  Hopefully, with their help, I’ll increase my odds of surviving.

    In Case Of Zombies by Drunken Monkey used under a CC-BY-NC license.


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    • I disagree.. If zombies aren’t breathing then they couldn’t moan or speak. (Saying BRAAAINS is speaking)