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  • DC Alerts Does It Again

    Posted on June 9th, 2009 Brian No comments

    I am really not intending to make this blog a running commentary on DC Alerts, but sometimes my hand just gets forced.  Though my last post on the issue was a bit tongue in cheek, my first post was leveled a serious criticism: DC Alerts needs to better train its operators about both when to send an alert and what to say in an alert.

    A line of thunderstorms rolled through DC this morning, and upon waking I discovered an alert in my inbox.  Though the timing and purpose is fine, the content is – shall we say – questionable.  (Highlight mine.)

    Subect: Alert DC – Severe Weather Watch

    NWS issued a Severe Thunder Storm WATCH for the District from 05:55 06/09/09 to 06:45 06/09/09 . Please add_protective_actions_here .

    This is just embarrassing.  Stupidity like this lessens the impact and usefulness of the system, and threatens the safety of the community.  The problem is entirely a human one, and it needs to be fixed.


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