Craigslist Scam (Hopefully) Ends With Delicious Graham Cracker Pie

I am currently trying to sell a really nice, 21” Hitachi CM823F monitor on Craigslist. Two days ago, I got an email from

Hey, i saw ur item posted in craigslist and i will like to purchase it for my son as a birthday gift but before any arrangement i will like to know if the item is still available for sale and in great condition so kindly get back to me as soon as possible

Now first of all, this just doesn’t seem right. I mean, the writing seems to indicate a twelve-year-old, but what twelve-year-old has a son she wants to buy a monitor for? So I write back:


It is still available, and it is in excellent condition. When would you like to pick it up?

All the best!


Then the other shoe drops:

Hello, I am willing to buy your item,i will offer you $420 for the item and i will have you payed thru Money gramm.This is how Money gramm works :Before payment can be received through Money gramm,both the buyer and seller are notified via email that the transaction has been processed and approved.After this approval confirmation,Money gramm will then mail out your money directly to where you are located in the United States within 2-4 days and payment will as well be received in U.S funds.As for the shipping of the item,it will be done through my FedEx account,so you don’t have to pay for any shipping charges after shipment has been made.Get back to me with your full name and address for payment if you are ok with my mode of payment. Regards.

Uh-huh. Money gramm. Both the buyer and seller are notified via email - and then they’ll mail me a money order. And you’ll pay for shipping. Right.


While $420 is certainly generous, with that amount I would prefer it if we could use Money Graham. Here’s how it works: First, you must convert your payment to a currency-neutral form, in this case $420 worth of Graham Crackers. You can, of course, pay directly in whatever international Cracker form you have available, and it will be converted to the appropriate U.S. Graham Crackers. The Money Graham Monkey will then pick up those crackers from your jungle location and deliver payment to me in 2-4 days, converted to U.S. Graham Crackers.

Since you’re being so generous, I am happy to ship the item at my cost using ExFed. Basically, I know this homeless former FBI agent down the street, and I’m pretty sure I can convince him to deliver the monitor to you if I make him a sandwich.

My full address is:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC

Please get back to me with your full name and address soon so I can dispatch the ExFed delivery as soon as I receive the delicious Graham Crackers. I am going to use them to make a pie!



I have yet to receive a response. I hope I hear back soon! I really want to make that pie for Thanksgiving!