Come Sail Away With Me

Hedda and I are on our way home for Christmas right now. She’s driving now, and we just passed mile marker 90 on I-80 in the drudgery that is Ohio, and “Sail Away” just came on the radio. I hope everybody has a great holiday, whatever that holiday may be. For your Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus/Kwanzaa gift, I won’t post the mp3 of Hedda doing her Cartman impression.

We took a quick detour towards Baltimore this morning in order to drop Weeks and Joan off at BWI. When we approached the airport, the flash of police lights on the road ahead made it very apparent that a new security measure was in place due to the heightened terror level. Orange cones and barricades shunted the traffic into two lanes, and each vehicle was manually insected by a uniformed officer for bombs, chemical weapons, and Taliban. But only in the left lane. The right lane barely slowed down while the left lane backed up with cars.

I guess they just hadn’t had the chance to put up the “Terrorists Use Left Lane ONLY” sign yet. I guess I can understand; they already had a lot on their hands painting all those cones and barricades from yellow to orange when the terror level changed.