Apartment Hunting in DC

Holy cow and I am exhausted. Hedda and I just spent all day running around Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia looking for apartments to rent. We visited five different complexes today, viewing some twelve different apartments.

I feel sorry for the poor apartment guy who spent all day with us. I get the feeling he doesn’t get people like us in there very often. What I mean is, we wanted to see a lot of different properties, and we had no intention of actually renting anything today. He usually gets people who he shows one place, they take it, he gets his commission, and he can leave the office early and run over to the nudey bar with his fat wad of cash. We probably won’t even take an apartment from the guy. Does that make us bad?

Anyway, tomorrow we go to check out Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan. hey I’m Crazzzzzy!!!!!!!!!1 wooooooo!:) Yea, my keyboard was just invaded by Katie Schultz, a good friend with whom we are staying while we’re here. Oh yea, have I mentioned she’s nucking futs?