Anybody Want Some Pokémon Crap?

Pokémon CrapYour parents are right. You’ll outgrow it. It might take five or six years, but eventually you will come to the conclusion that you no longer really care about Pokémon anymore; and you will finally be ready to get rid of the crap associated with it.

I have reached that point in my life. I’ve tried to sell a couple things on eBay to no avail. It seems the rest of the world is also (finally!) over the Pokémon craze. It’s kind of like the J-Pop Culture version of Beanie Babies. Or maybe Beanie Babies were the Midwest Soccer Mom version of Pokémon. Now there is a mystery for the ages. I’m sure some anthropologist fifty thousand years from now is going to have fun puzzling over that one.

So if you want any or all of my Pokémon stuff, drop me a note with an offer. The minimum I will accept is postage to mail it to you, so if you’re local or can arrange personal delivery somehow, they can be yours for the cost of an email.

I have some old Star Wars crap, too, that I’ll probably make the same offer on in the near future.