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  • 14U’s Message Is Clear, If Poorly Punctuated

    Posted on July 2nd, 2007 Brian No comments

    I was up at 14U Café the other day, and discovered a poetic placard placed on each and every table. I have reproduced it below, sic.

    We hope you have found this a lovely place,
    With comfy chairs and lots of space.
    But when the juice gets warm
    and the coffee gets cold,
    Another fresh one must be sold.
    Since WiFi is free and so is the power,
    We now limit you to one fine hour.
    If you wish to extend your great time here,
    Please order from the Barista
    this message should be clear.

    I understand the desire to keep people from lingering too long, merely mooching electricity and Internet. It’s a major problem that independent coffee shops face all the time. Still, as one who tends to not linger too long, and make regular purchases, I hate to feel like I’m being pressured.


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    • This message was not for you. Perhaps you’d like to stop in and speak to one of the co-owners Kyle. He’d be happy to share with you the long and arduous story that preceded the “poetic card”. Others have done it, such as the Seattle’s Best Cafe inside Borders downtown Silver Spring. They have put up a notice, much less poetic and very well to the point. We appreciate those who continue to patronize us the independent coffee shops such as 14U.