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  • Mentally Girding Up To Get Groped

    Posted on November 14th, 2010 Brian No comments

    I’m on a bus to the airport at the moment, and I’ve been reading plenty about the new security scanners at the airport. I have been subjected to them in the past, but I have since been vowing to opt-out of them if I were selected to go through them.

    But the TSA really, really wants us to go through them. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a technology with marginal gains, they had better use them! So to *ahem* “encourage” folks to not opt-out, they have instituted a new We’re-Gonna-Feel-You-Up policy. That is, if you opt out of the insane invasion of privacy the scanners represent, of if you don’t want a picture of your naked body stored by some nameless agent (as has happened in several cases where operators have intentionally or unintentionally stored the near-naked pictures of passengers’ bodies despite assurances that such a thing could never, ever happen), then you will be subjected to the most humiliating, groin-rubbing, feel-coppin’ pat-down they can muster as a punishment.

    That’s what passes for security in our airports now. I have to choose between a naked body-scan or some guy rubbing my penis to make sure it isn’t a bomb. And Osama bin Whoseitsfuck is laughing his ass off.

    UPDATE: Well, I didn’t get groped because there were no full-body scanners at the security station I went through. They did take my razor, though, so now I can’t shave. They’re 3/10 on finding them, though, so I’ll keep trying.

    Location:I-294 N

  • Car Fire — Or: Why My Internet Is Down

    Posted on July 30th, 2010 Brian No comments

    I’ve had some harsh words for Comcast over the last few days.  The constantly bouncing connection has made it very difficult to work.  Sure, there were some major storms from which they were trying to recover, but it’s really annoying that they had to drop out whole service areas just to fix other peoples’ connections.

    My connection dropped again today, though I can hardly blame them for it this time around.  A fire in the alley down the block from our house happened to occur directly below the pole carrying the wires that carried my packets.  It turns out charred copper and melted plastic suffer from approximately 100% packet loss.

    There are a few more pictures on my Flickr stream.

    Charred car below the telephone pole.

    Melted wires on a telephone pole.